An account of important locations, cities, and other places of interest.

The Kingdoms

Caldian Territories

  • Caldaria
    Capitol city of the Caldian Territories.
  • Sulia
    Run by it’s chosen matriarch, Sulia is on the border nearest the Elven Kingdoms.
  • Mossvale
    Set at the base of the waterfall which feeds the Whitfel river, Mossvale lives up to it’s name.
  • Eastmill
    A small, lakeside town, primarily dealing in lumber harvest.
  • Godshome
    Named after ancient and mysterious stone structures built in concentric circles that surround the town.
  • Tallawa
    Home to the largest Halfling population in the Caldian Territories.
  • The Crossroads Inn
    Popular resting point on the road between the northern settlements and the capitol.

The Elven Kingdoms

  • Qualinost
    A beautiful forest city, who’s buildings are grown from the trunks of trees and sit well above the ground.
  • Soranost
    Completely isolationist, few non-Elves even know of Soranost’s existence.

The Sumarian Traders

  • The Twin Cities
    Capitol to the Sumarians, these cities are built into opposing cliff faces on either side of a channel.

The Dwarven Strongholds

  • Dunmar
    Last remaining stronghold of the Dwarven empire.
  • Balehelm
    Formerly the largest dwarven stronghold, now lies abandoned.

The Wilderness

  • The Swallowed Lands
    Northern swamplands, mysterious ruins of temples and tombs have been pushing themselves to the surface. This is the location of the lost empire of Valanthia.
  • The Dark Peaks
    Southern mountains, home to many Orc tribes.

Map of the Caldian Territories

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(One hex equals approximately one day of travel.)


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