“Though the desert appears barren to the fool, in reality it is teeming with things which hide from the sun and struggle to survive. Secrets are like this.” – Proverb of the Elves of Kharanost

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Kharanost is a city of knowledge, and a city of secrets. The kharanesti elves who have dwelt here for thousands of years have learned to value their knowledge, and their secrets, above all else, and are quite distrustful of outsiders. There have been stories of human travelers being left to die to the elements just outside of the city walls, unable to convince the elves inside to open their doors.

The city’s location is itself known only to the elves and trusted scholars of other races. The twisting desert sands make locating it difficult to those who are not welcome by the kharanesti, and more than a few who seek the wisdom of these ancient librarians have vanished into the wastes, never to be seen again.

The rangers of the kharanesti elves are known in the languages of the mortal races as “Sandcloaks”, due to their distinctive attire. They are as undetectable and capable of surviving alone for weeks in the deserts surrounding the city as are the qualinesti in the woods surrounding theirs.

Population: 1,869


  • The Great Library
    The Great Library of Kharanost is revered by scholars of all races, though few non-elves have ever set foot within it’s ancient halls. It is said that the answer to any question that one can imagine can be found in the pages of one of the library’s countless tomes, assuming one has a lifetime to search for it.


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