Academy of Magic

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The Academy of Magic is the center for magical training and research of the Caldarian people. The masters of it’s orders have gone to great lengths over the centuries to keep the Academy insulated from the woes of life outside it’s walls, however, in an attempt to ensure the survival of their art. As such, the Academy does not willing take part in the wars led by the crown.

The Academy consists of nine towers, each dedicated to the study of on specialized school of magic, with the exception of the central tower. Being the largest of the nine, the central tower is dedicated to non-denominational magical studies. This tower is usually populated younger adepts who have not yet chosen a school of study, though there are a few older practitioners who have intentionally eschewed the eight schools, and even some who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the study of wild magic.

The other eight towers are as follows:

  • The Tower of Abjuration
    Where the protective magics are studied.
  • The Tower of Conjuration
    Where the study of summoning and transportation takes place.
  • The Tower of Divination
    Where the art of scrying is studied.
  • The Tower of Enchantment
    Where charms and mind-affecting magic is studied.
  • The Tower of Evocation
    Where studies of the manipulation of raw energy take place.
  • The Tower of Illusion
    Where glamers and magical trickery are studied.
  • The Tower of Necromancy
    Where the manipulation of life energy is studied.
  • The Tower of Transmutation
    Where the study of transformative magic is studied.


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Academy of Magic

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