“Where the smooth mack daddies hail from.” – Famed Sulian boast

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The city is run by a single Matriarch, Anerea, with a council of elders who advise her. The city is named after an ancient priestess, Sul, believed to look over the town, and it is also believed that the Matriarch is a vessel for Sul’s power in this world. Whenever a Matriarch is ready to retire, she must name a successor who will be able to bear the burden of leadership with wisdom and humility, and then the holy symbol of Sul, a medallion worn around the neck, is passed on to the successor in a ritual symbolizing the passing of the responsibility of leadership.

Sulia is somewhat unique in the territories in regards to worship. All of the residents forgo worship of The Nine, the official state religion of the realm, instead choosing to worship Sul herself. This has been tolerated by the capital ever since Sulia’s founding, but has nonetheless been an occasional cause of friction.

The residents of Sulia are thus superstitious and pious, as a group. There is a moderate distrust of magic and magic users, which causes tensions with their Elven neighbors. Though it has not in recent memory been a cause of outright violence, this superstition has sown a seed of distrust between these two peoples.

Population: 8,854

The Curse

Some say the land around Sulia is cursed. Some say that the disturbingly warped plant and animal growth in the surrounding countryside is caused by the nearby Elven kingdom’s casual implementation of strong magicks to build and maintain their ancient cities. Some believe it’s caused by tainted runoff from the Swallowed Lands. Still others believe there is something much more sinister to blame. Whatever the cause, the number of aberrations to be found in the forests to the north of the city and the hills and farmland to the south and east have not gone without note. The council believes that it may not be much longer that the situation can be ignored, for who knows how long Sul’s power can protect the city?


  • Church of Sul
    Offers healing services and rest for the afflicted. Mandatory donation for spells cast:
    Cure Light Wounds – 50 gold
    Cure Disease – 150 gold
    Raise Dead – worked out on case-by-case basis, at least 2000 gold
  • Stables
  • Barracks, guardhouses and prison
  • King’s Iron
    A Blacksmith owned by Dynas Derby. Weapons, armor, and repair services.
  • Glittering Topaz
    A Jewelery Store owned by Tessa Dickey. Value estimations and trading in gems, jewels, and pieces of art.
  • Ankey’s Gathering
    A General Store owned by Bryman Ankey. A wide variety of mundane items, foodstuffs, and assorted goods. Preserved rations are 10 gold for a week’s worth of bread, cheese and dried meat. Wine is 2 silver per skin.
  • The Shining Maiden
    A tavern owned by Astra Eckersley. Clean, well kept, and comfortable. Food is good, prices are above average. Prices for a room are 15 silver a night, or 9 gold a week. Meals are 3 silver, ale is 5 copper.
  • The Rusty Hammer
    A tavern owned by Daggen Strule. Prices are cheap, but the clientele are unsavory. Rooms are small and uncomfortable. Prices for a room are 1 gold a night, or 6 gold for a week. Meals are 1 silver, ale is 3 copper, but tastes like swill.
  • The Arena
    Officially a venue for sanctioned boxing matches, at the arena you’ll find warriors looking to make some quick (though not easy) coin, prisoners forced into matches to pay their debts, and a bloodthirsty crowd ready to foolishly wager their savings on a favorite fighter. The arena is located just outside of the city.


Anerea – Matriarch of Sulia.

Medea Compto – Captain of the town guard.

Horgo Rune – Homeless performing wizard.

Local Law and Punishments

Caldian law is enforced in Sulia, as is normal for a city under Caldian rule. Here’s a quick summary of infractions and their associated punishments.

  • Murder – Death by beheading.
  • Treason – Death by being drawn and quartered.
  • Assault on a public figure or servant – As treason.
  • Theft – Recompense paid to the offended, public service commensurate with the severity of the crime. Repeat offence punished with imprisonment and/or maiming.
  • Extortion or blackmail – Imprisonment for a duration commensurate with the severity of the crime.
  • Inciting a public disturbance – Flogging, imprisonment.
  • Necromancy or defiling of a corpse – Flogging, maiming.
  • Assault – Recompense paid to the offended, public service commensurate with the severity of the crime or equivalent imprisonment.
  • Public drunkenness or indecency – Public humiliation, flogging.
  • Fortune telling or other witchcraft – Public humiliation.
  • Use of magic in the commission of a crime – Varying with the severity of the infraction, from public humiliation to removal of the digits and tongue.

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