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One of three elven cities, Qualinost is the most open and welcoming of outsiders. Still, not many of the younger races have seen the beauty of this tree-borne city, it’s buildings grown high in the boughs of the sacred forest that the elves call home. It is said that one cannot even find the mysterious and secret paths through the underbrush that lead here unless one is welcomed by the elves.

Qualinost is ruled by all of the elves that live there, and any decision which affects them all has to be agreed upon by all. While elders are given proper respect, and their opinion is often held in high regard, the feelings of any elf that has reached adulthood are considered important, and their input valued. The result of this is that it often takes quite a long time for the people of Qualinost to make any wide-reaching decisions.

Interesting Notes on Elven Culture

Things of note include the unique musical style known as The Elven Canon, a potent alcoholic beverage known as Feywine, and the Bladesong fighting style.

Population: 1,598


  • The Bed of the Three Sisters
    An inn. Despite being the only one in town, it is usually fairly empty, though it is very comfortable. It’s run by a middle aged elven woman named Avariel.
  • Water for the Seedling
    A general store, where many necessities, as well as more obscure elven products, can be purchased.
  • The Hammer’s Song
    A smithy run by Tinuon, father of Maeldes. Repairs and weapons of fine craftsmanship can be purchased here.


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