“The undead and then werebats? How could this get any worse?” – Last words heard in Mustment

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The town of Mustment has been destroyed. The rest of this page will be left intact, but all of the establishments should be considered abandoned or in ruins (moreso) and all of the listed NPCs considered deceased.

       /' _.--.- 
         /'     `' 
       /' _.---._____ 
       \.'   ___, .-'` 
           /'    \\             .
         /'       `-.          -|-
        |                       |
        |                   .-'~~~`-.
        |                 .'         `.
        |                 |  R  I  P  |
        |                 |  Mustment |
        |                 |           |
         \              \\|           |//


Mustment is a small but old human settlement on the border of the Swallowed Lands. It sits on the Strand, a river which flows from swamplands to the north and runs westward to the coast. The town’s buildings are mostly stone, and the streets are muddy and damp. Mosses and molds grow on everything, giving the town it’s titular smell.

Population: 67 0


  • The Three Walls
    A crumbling tavern where the locals occasionally gather to drink and make merry. The back wall of the building has collapsed, providing a view of the latrine pits and the Strand flowing slowly by. Owned and operated by Totan. On the menu are boiled rabbit stew (1 silver), fresh trout (2 silver), and a chunk of hard cheese made locally (2 silver). A breakfast of eggs, potatoes and ham is available for 2 silver. A mug of ale is 5 copper, made fresh with water from the Strand and brewed by Wilhelm at the church.
  • The Three Floors
    A two-story inn run by Cerys. The rooms are small, but clean. Going rate is 1 gold a night, or 6 gold for a week. Baths are 2 silver.
  • Town Hall
    Center of town, serves as the jail and guard barracks as well. And old and rotting gallows is located out front, in town square.
  • Church of Theandra
    Run by a hard-drinkin’ priest named Wilhelm. Willy is willing to offer his healing services free of charge, as long as the requesting party is willing to make a donation to his church. “Suggested” donations are 10 gold for minor healing (Cure Light Wounds), and 1,000 gold for resurrections.
  • The Old Hag’s Shop
    Alchemical reagents and spell components. Also for sale are various potions and home remedies, such as a hair tonic (30 gold), hair remover (20 gold), “love potion” (40 gold), and a potion of healing (200g).
  • The Docks
    There’s only one boat of any real value in town, and it’s owned by Drokric the ferryman. He’ll gladly give rides upstream to the Swallowed Lands for 3 gold. Each way.
  • The Blacksmith’s Forge
    Smithy run by Thoen the blacksmith and his apprentice Ados. They specialize in cookware, pots and pans, horseshoes, and nails, but can make decent weaponry if desired.


Mayor Polbel – Town mayor and renowned patron of the Three Walls.

Totan and Cerys – Bartender and Innkeeper of the Three Walls and the Three Floors, respectively.

Wilhelm – Priest of Theandra and healer/brewmaster for the town.

Thoen and Ados – The blacksmith and his young apprentice.

Drokric – A bold ferryman.

Example Pictures

The Church in Mustment

A map of the town.


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