“A shared road makes friends of strangers.” – Mossvale proverb

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Mossvale is a relatively small, peaceful town on the only major road between Caldaria and The Twin Cities. Most trade travels by river between the two larger cities, though it is very common for small caravans or groups of travelers to pass through Mossvale.

The town is located not far from several waterfalls, including a large one which feeds the Whitfel river. The resulting ambient moisture causes abundant growth on the rocky ground around the area, giving the town it’s name. The weather is often foggy or misty, as the town is protected from sea winds by the nearby hills.

Population: 435


  • The Raven’s Roost
    The only inn in town.
  • The Church of Anadea
    Presided over by Father Gramm.


Example Pictures

Town map.

Approaching Mossvale

The Raven’s Roost

The west end of town


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