Character Creation Primer

This is a quick guide to the races and classes which we’re using in the campaign. For the most part, this is just some guidelines to help with character creation, not hard-and-fast rules as to what race/class combinations are allowed. If you want to play a race or class not mentioned here, make a suggestion as to the background you’re interested in.


Races of the people of the kingdom of Caldaria.


Caldarian humans can be found in nearly all of the settlements in the kingdom, being by far the most common race represented in the realm. They can be found in Caldaria, Tholia, Abol, Sulia, and almost all of the smaller settlements, including Mossvale, Eastmill, Hardin’s Stand, and Godshome.

Sumarian humans can be found in The Twin Cities as well as the smaller fishing villages of Saltwind, Thornsnare, Codspear and Barracatch.

More tribal, primitive humans of the Appa can be found in Brejuh, Trelluhjuh and Hoorp in the forests to the north.


High Elves can almost exclusively be found in Kharanost, an ancient city in the deserts to the east. A few can be found in the capital city of Caldaria, usually visiting the great library. Wood elves likely come from Qualinost in the forests to the north, though some are known to make their home in Sulia. It’s rare to find them anywhere else.

Half-elves are more common around the realm. Though they do not typically feel truly at home in either human or elven company, they’re more likely to be found in human settlements. The city with the largest population is Sulia, though they can be found in Caldaria, Mossvale and Abol as well.


The dwarves of Dunmar are traditional mountain dwarves, though their displaced kin can readily be found in Tholia. Most of the hill dwarves in the realm can be found in Hardin’s Stand. A few can be found in Caldaria as well.


Halflings can be found spread throughout the realm, usually in larger human settlements, such as Caldaria and Sulia, though the largest population, percentage-wise, can be found in Tallawa. Stouts are mostly found in Tallawa, whereas Lightfoots can be found in the other human cities.


Rock gnomes can be usually found in Dunmar and Tholia. Forest gnomes are known to live in the wilds near the human settlement of Brejuh.



The people of the Appa tend to most closely fit the archetype of the barbarian, mostly the Path of the Totem Warrior. Barbarians of the Path of the Berserker can be found much more widely, not necessarily fitting with the racial profile of “barbarian”.


Bards can be found wandering all over the realm, but are usually more common in the larger cities of Caldaria and Sulia.


Men and women of the cloth can be found in large number in Caldaria and Sulia.


The woods around the settlements of the Appa tend to be the homes of druidic folk.


Everywhere. Just… everywhere. The fighting pits of Tholia have spawned a few, though.


Human mages tend to be of a few varieties. They are either trained in the traditional methods by the great wizards of Academy of Magic, by the battle mages of The Order of Martial Wizardry, or they have a natural talent that can sometimes blossom on the streets of one of the larger cities. Elven mages tend to come from Kharanost, though they’re not uncommon in Qualinost as well.


Paladins tend to train at the great Church of the Nine in Caldaria.


Rangers tend to not call any one place home, and wander the less-populated areas of the kingdom.


Like fighters, rogues and their like tend to pop up everywhere, though they’re more common in the large cities.

Character Creation Primer

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