“The King’s law reaches as far as the brothel’s front door.” – Caldarian saying

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Capitol of the Caldian Territories, and the city from which King Etran rules, Caldaria is heavily fortified. Surrounded by hills and small mountains on all sides, there are very few safe paths into and out of the city, all of which are heavily patrolled and guarded.

The city is ruled (in name) by the King, who controls the city guard, the armies of the realm, and is backed by the noble families. He is advised by the Council of Guilds and the Nine Fathers. In truth, the Crown is bankrupt and heavily indebted to the Guilds, and the Holy Church holds far more sway over the common people of the realm than any are comfortable with.

Population: 49,365


  • The King’s Palace
    Where the royal family lives, and King Etran holds court.
  • The Temple of the Nine
    Elaborate church and house of worship to all nine gods of The Pantheon.
  • The Seven Guildhouses
    Spread around the city, the Guildhouses house the city’s various guild’s leaders.
  • The Docks
    Though Caldaria is only connected via rivers, tradeships frequently travel in and out of the port. The district around the docks is the poorest in the city as well, overrun by various criminal gangs and destitute vagabonds.
  • The Pig in Tights
    A clean but affordable inn. Always bustling with activity. Owned and run by Edmond Palmer. Home of the famous Palmer’s Endless Stew, which has been kept simmering for over 30 years. The exact make-up of the stew varies from season to season, and a heaping bowlful is 3 silver. Also on the menu are roast fowl (6 sp), grouse with gooseberry jam (4 sp), and broiled mackerel (3 sp). A hot bath is 2 silver and room service for any meal is an extra silver piece. Ale is 1 silver per mug.
  • Other Inns and Taverns
    The Broken Sword, The Illuminated Virgin Alehouse, The Magus’ Talisman, The Cup and Sword, The Devil and Wizard, The Good Butcher’s Tavern, The Giant’s Flagon, The Priestess and Duke, The Dying Dragon Alehouse, The Drunken Soldier.
  • The Royal Dungeons
    Prisoners to the Crown are held here, along with various thugs and miscreants.

The Factions of the City of Calderia

His Royal Highness, King Etran IV

  • The Golden Shield
    Elite warriors chosen from the King’s foot and mounted divisions. Twelve in number, six men from each division. They answer directly to the King himself.
  • The Royal Spellguard
    Eight mages, one specialist from each school, chosen from the ranks of the Order of Martial Wizardry. They are unmatched in skill, and answer only to the King.

General Darden and The King’s Armies

  • Foot Divisions
    Roughly 3,000 men in number total, roughly 400 stationed in or around the city.
  • Mounted Divisions
    Roughly 500 horse in number, with roughly 100 stationed in or around the city.
  • Siege Engines
    15 Ballista, 12 Trebuchet, 16 Catapult, 5 Siege Towers, 18 Wheeled Rams, with men appropriate for their operation. Sappers, tunnelers and the like are a part of this division of the King’s armies.
  • The Order of Martial Wizardry
    Powerful mages who serve in the King’s army, roughly 200 in number. Though there tend to be more evokers than any other specialization, all are represented. Diviners, though rarer than most other schools, are usually found in positions of leadership.

The Nobles Families
These families own nearby land and swear fealty to the King.

The King’s Justice

  • The City Guard
    Roughly 800 men who police the city.
  • Royal Dungeons
    Though mostly filled with minor criminals, thugs, and brigands, there are a few nicer cells for enemies of the Crown.
  • The Black Hoods
    The King’s executioners.

The Holy Church of Calderia

  • High Father Iric
    High Priest and Holy Adviser to the King.
  • The Nine Fathers
    One High Priest representing each major deity of The Pantheon comprise this organization.

The Council of Guilds

  • The Banker’s Guild
    Chaired by Lord Andrew Harte
    The bankers and coinlenders of the land. Though the mint is officially owned by the King, it is operated and managed by the Banker’s Guild.
  • The Craftsman’s Guild
    Chaired by Lord Artur Forde
    Representing all of the boyers, fletchers, boatcrafters, wagonmakers, coopers, tanners, and assorted craftsmen of the realm.
  • The Laborer’s Guild
    Chaired by Lord Thomas Drayton
    Engineers and architects, this guild also manages construction of war machines for the Crown. Their primary work is in the construction of boats both for the crown and the Merchant’s guild.
  • The Sage’s Guild
    Chaired by Lady Gilda Selwyn
    Librarians, alchemists, historians, philosophers and scholars of all walks.
  • The Merchant’s Guild
    Chaired by Lord Branston Balhol
    Responsible for trade and relations with all foreign entities, as well as managing the trade routes within the kingdom, both on land and by river. Also representative of the inns and brothels of the realm.
  • The Armorer’s Guild
    Chaired by Lady Clarice Alard
    Smiths, weapon crafters and armorers. Responsible for arming the Crown’s men.
  • The Provisioner’s Guild
    Chaired by Lord George Bailey
    Responsible for managing the city’s larders, as well as representing the butchers, bakers and farmers of and around the city. They handle the brewing and distribution of all beer in the city, as well as the preparation of wines and other spirits.

Example Pictures

Map of the city.

The Temple of the Nine and the King’s palace.

The port of Calderia.

A city street.

The city from the east, on approach.


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