Krilkle "Crackl'n Oat Bran" Lempansup

Hobo Wild-Mage


Level 3 chaotic good Wild-Mage from Sulia.

Character Sheet


Turned to stone while looking at a basilisk.


Krilkle (kril-klee) was raised on a farm at the outskirts of Sulia. His siblings number in the tens. Doing farm work on the borders of the magically saturated Elven Kingdoms carries a unique set of risks, one of which is being eaten by an enormous and erudite ear of corn. Another is birthing a child possessed of magical abilities far beyond their parents’ ability to contain.

While seven of his siblings were born with more mundane and useful magical talents, Krilkle’s ability manifested in a much more chaotic manner. After the fourth shearing season during which Krilke’s attempts to increase the yield resulted in multiple severed limbs and his attempts to unsever them resulted in multiple horrible finger-monsters pissing in the cabbage fields for a week, he was banished from the family lands to thrive or die on his own merits.

Krilke didn’t fail to survive, nor did he thrive. Mostly he got drunk a lot and slept in gutters, alleys, bird’s nests, river deltas, offal flues, charnel cabins, and priests’ attics. He mostly sustained himself performing cheap tricks and falsifying detect magic checks on discarded garments and torn pieces of paper.

“Crackl’n Oat Bran” eventually washed up in a bar in Mustment. Despite being awash in gold he really had no awareness of the luxuries he could buy in the world, nor were any of those available there. He struck up a conversation with a burly yet gentle looking warrior named Strude who seemed greatly relieved to meet someone who actually spoke a language he could understand.

After recently acquiring a girdle of femininity in a sunken temple in the Swallowed Lands, Krilkle is now a woman.

Krilkle "Crackl'n Oat Bran" Lempansup

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