Horgo Rune

Old wild mage, mentor to Crackle.


Level 14 chaotic good human Wild Mage.

STR – 10
DEX – 13
CON – 9
WIS – 12
INT – 17
CHA – 15

HP – 32
AC – 4
THAC0 – 16


Horgo Rune is an elderly human Wild Mage, living on the streets of Sulia. He has served as mentor and tutor to Crackle since the young lad found himself outcast and living on the streets.

Horgo can commonly be found on street corners and in taverns performing small displays for coin. The attitude of the populace of Sulia at large regarding magic is one of suspicion, but Horgo has often won the hearts of women and children with his charm and wit.

Though homeless, Horgo is usually not without a warm bed and meal, being well liked by Astra Eckersley, owner and operator of The Shining Maiden, a Sulia’s largest Tavern and Inn.

Horgo Rune

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