Francis Wallclimber

Half-Elven bard looking out for his own purse.


Level 6 chaotic neutral Bard from Sulia.

Character Sheet


       /' _.--.- 
         /'     `' 
       /' _.---._____ 
       \.'   ___, .-'` 
           /'    \\             .
         /'       `-.          -|-
        |                       |
        |                   .-'~~~`-.
        |                 .'         `.
        |                 |  R  I  P  |
        |                 |  Francis  |
        |                 |           |
         \              \\|           |//


Francis had his sixteenth birthday this season and, as is the custom with his people, his time for a life-defining quest has come. A natural charmer and acrobat, if only a mediocre musician, Wallclimber knows how others tick and how to talk to them in order to get what he wants.

His father was a traveling musician and acrobat, as was his father before him. Francis comes from a long line of entertainers and grifters on his father’s side, but his mother’s side is another story. His much older and grizzled uncle, his namesake and still very close to the family, was a great warrior in a forgotten time. Uncle Francis is his mother’s brother, and they came from a long line of elven battle legends who were marginalized and disgraced two generations ago after a brutal and uneven battle against the Sulian matriarch of the time.

Uncle Francis mostly raised the young Bard, which explains why Franky is more effective with his morningstar than his lute.

Francis Wallclimber

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