Welcome to the Second Age!

This is a page for the AD&D 2nd ed D&D Next Playtest game that we’re playing. Check out the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Probably start here:
Character Creation Primer

Here’s some quick links to the main player character pages:
???? – Max’s… Monk?
Longstrand – Mark’s Ranger
Brock, Michael’s Fighter
Rumpy Lumpsnstuff, Alex’s Cleric

And here’s the current tally of dead characters:
Frumpsy Normous, killed by hobgoblins in a sunken temple in the Swallowed Lands.
Krilkle “Crackl’n Oat Bran” Lempansup, petrified by a basilisk in the tombs under Sulia.
Francis Wallclimber, killed by ancient undead warriors in the flooded castle.
Strude, killed by ancient undead warriors in the same flooded castle.

Quick Wiki Links

An account of important locations, cities, and other places of interest.

The Pantheon
Gods of the people of the Second Age.

Various tongues spoken around the land, and where they’re spoken.

How time is measured, and the holy days observed in the realm.

Kingdoms of the Second Age

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